Space Frame MERO System

Triangular Modules Are Efficient In Transferring Stresses. With Little To No Bending Moments, They Are More Stable And Stronger Than 90-Degree Frames.
3-D Lattice Structures Can Cover Larger Areas At A Lower Weight. The Many Lightweight Members In A Lattice Structure Distribute Loads Evenly And Efficiently Through The Structure In Three Dimensions,

Making It More Efficient And Lighter Than A Conventional Two-Dimensional Frame.
Doubly Curved Geometries Have The Ability To Span Long Distances. Their Curvature Trans- Fers Stresses More Efficiently With Little To No Bending Moments, Making Them stiffer Than Conventional Flat

Surfaces. Doubly Curved Geometries Now Offer Infinite Possibilities Of Free-Style Design

Tubs & Nodes

Nodes Selected From @50 Mm To 9400 Mm Diameter Range Shall Be Manufactured From C45 Or Aisi-Sael050 Quality
Material In Conformance With The En10083-2 Standard.
They Are Manufactured By Hot Forging Or Machinery Production Techniques.
All Nodes Shall Be Drilled And Tapped By Digitally Controlled Machinery Due Design Calculations.
Tube Sections Are Determined According To The Tension And Compression Forces As Per The Design Calculations Can Be
Both Seamed Or Seamless Tubes From $235¥r (St 37-2), S275 Jr(St 44-2), S355J2G3 (St 52-3) Quality Steel Sheets With
High Welding Property Conforming To En10025 Standards.
Tubes, Manufactured In Conformity With Din 2440, Din 2441, Din 1626 , En 10219 Standards, Are Selected With Diameters
From 26.9 Mm To 324 Mm According To The Design Calculations. Hot Forged Or Machined Cones Of The Same Quality Of
The Tubes Are Welded To Each Other To The Sides By Semi-Automatic Gas Shield- Ed Arc Welding Process


All Bolts Shall Be Manufactured In Conformance With En 10083-1 Standard And Shall Have Isometric Threads Conforming
To Din 13-1.

Strength Classification Shall Be 6.8, 8.8, Or 10,9 In Compliance With The Requirements Of En20898-1.


All Nuts Shall Be Manufactured From Hexagonal Shaped Hot Rolled $355J2G3(St52-3) Quality Non Alloyed Steel And Or
Aisi-Sae 1030 Quality Low Alloyed Steel.


Supports Shall Produced With C45 Or Aisi-Sae 1050 Quality Material In Conformance With The En 10083-2 Standard With
Hot Forging And / Or Machinery Production Techniques.

All Bolt Connection Holes Are Drilled And Tapped By Numerical Controlled Machinery Support Regarding Design
Calculations. Support Flanges Shall Be Of $235Jr (St 37-2) Material In Confor- Mance With £10025.
Teflon Plates Shall Be Placed Under The Moveable Supports

Purlin and Stool

Rofiles Which Cladding Is Connected To Be Called Purlins And Assembled To Space Frame With Stools In Different
Heights Based On Slope And Design Calculations.
They Are Selected From Profiles With Channel Sections Or Box Sections Or Build-Up Sections And Can Be In Same Or
Different Color With Space Frame.
Purlins Shall Be Of $235Jr (St 37-2) Material In Conformance With £10025.
Slope Of The Roof Shall Be Provided With Means Of Purlin Stools. Connection Of The Purlin Stools To The Nodes Shall Be
Made By Bolts

Roof cover

All Roofs Can Be Cover Steel Single Sheets Or Sandwich Panels Or Polycarbonate Panels Or Glasses Or Aluminum